Wellness Evaluation

Vital for monitoring overall health and body function. These annual check ups (or bi-annual for patients over 10 years of age), provide full physical examination, consultation with the owner, and engaged decisions regarding the best preventive care for your pet. 

Sickness Check Ups

These visits are helpful for evaluation of aliments such as vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, lack of appetite, weight loss, coughing, and the list goes on.  We are able to provide treatment, diagnostic work up/collection, and full examination all within the comfort of your home.  

Spay & Neuter

Performed in the comfort of our Surgical & Diagnostic Center located at 1101 Broadway Ave in Brooklyn.  Feline neuters do have the option of being performed in the comfort of your home. 

Major Soft Tissue Surgery/Dentistry 

Similar to spays/neuters, other elective and some non-elective surgical and dental procedures can be performed at our surgical center.  


Important in the protection of your companion from deadly viruses.  Vaccine guidelines have changed quite a bit over the years and we abide by current vaccine standards.  The goal is to provide appropriate protection without excessive immune stimulation or "over" vaccination. 

Micro Chipping

Important in helping identify and locate your loved one in the unfortunate event they become lost or stolen.  Our microchipping is internationally recognized and includes life long registration.




Radiographs (X-rays) 

This very important diagnostic tool can be performed in the comfort of your home with our portable unit, or can be arranged in our surgical/diagnostic center.  Radiographs are helpful to diagnose such things as intestinal obstructions, bone tumors or fractures, lung disease, and multiple other problems that can't be found on just physical examination alone.  

Thoracic/Abdominal Ultrasound  

Provides detailed evaluation of the multiple organs within the abdomen, thorax/chest, and various soft tissue structures. Echocardiograms (of the heart) can be performed, although not as detailed as that provided by a boarded cardiologist, as Doppler and color flow is not currently available. 

Hospice Care 

As our loved ones age, they can acquire a number of different health aliments or simply develop life style change needs. Options exist for our friends to help improve not only our lives, but theirs as well.

Euthanasia/Peaceful Passage

When it comes to that final decision, wouldn't it be better in the comfort of your home?  We call this service "Peaceful Passage" as it is our goal to provide the absolute most kind, loving, and peaceful final step for your beloved companion.  

Emergency Care 

While this is Dr. Loose's specialty, immediate emergency care may not be available given the nature of the mobile practice.  If a response is not given upon your phone call or text message, please seek immediate assistance through your local emergency/referral hospital.