Wellness Evaluation

Vital for monitoring overall health and body function. These annual check ups (or bi-annual for patients over 10 years of age), provide full physical examination, consultation with the owner, and informed decisions regarding the best preventive care for your pet.

Sickness Check Ups

These visits are helpful for evaluation of ailments such as vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, lack of appetite, weight loss, coughing, and the list goes on. We are able to provide treatment, diagnostic work up/collection, and full examination without you having to leave your couch! If it is deemed your pet would benefit from further advanced treatment and hospitalization, we will get you transferred to a 24-hr facility for continued care.

Surgery (Spays, neuters and MORE!)

Through the use our special surgical location located at 1101 Broadway Ave in Bushwick, we are able to provide both major and minor soft tissue surgeries. These range from your standard spay and neuter to your more advanced surgeries such as amputations, skin grafts, bladder stone surgeries, foreign body removals, and other major organ surgeries.

All orthopedic and neurological surgeries are referred to board certified surgeons, as Dr. Loose believes that the patient benefits from the advanced specialty training and diagnostic capabilities under these referral hospitals.


Dental disease is becoming more commonplace and dental cleaning and oral care are becoming as standard as spaying and neutering your pet. We offer dental cleaning, polishing, and extraction all guided through the use of digital images of your pets individual teeth, just like you would experience at your dentist.


Important in the protection of your companion from deadly viruses. Vaccine guidelines have changed quite a bit over the years and we abide by current vaccine standards outlined by the American Animal Medical Association. Our goal is to provide appropriate protection without excessive immune stimulation or “over” vaccination.


Important in helping identify and locate your loved one in the unfortunate event they become lost or stolen. Our microchipping is internationally recognized and includes life-long registration.

Radiographs (X-Rays)

This very important diagnostic tool can be performed in the comfort of your home with our portable unit, or can be arranged in our surgical/diagnostic center. Radiographs are helpful to diagnose such things as intestinal obstructions, bone tumors or fractures, lung disease, and multiple other problems that can’t be found on just physical examination alone.

Thoracic/Abdominal Ultrasound *

Ultrasound of the abdomen is an invaluable tool to help hone in on what is causing your companions problems. Ultrasound of the abdomen can easily diagnose bladder stones, gall bladder issues, pancreatitis, kidney disorders, liver abnormalities, changes to the spleen, and finding fluid where it shouldn’t be. Because of Dr. Loose’s training, this modality can be performed in your home without having to refer to a specialty hospital.

Ultrasound of the chest can help diagnose problems such as air around the lungs, tumors in the chest, fluid around the lungs or in the lungs, and abnormalities regarding heart chamber size and function. Specific evaluation of cardiac blood flow, values, and muscle wall thickness (called an echocardiogram), is best in the hands of a board certified specialist called a cardiologist.

*(ultrasound capabilities limited to animal size and shape. Larger or very deep chested dogs may still require referral for ultrasound at a speciality hospital).

Hospice Care

As our loved ones age, they can acquire a number of different health ailments or simply develop changes in lifestyle needs. Options exist for our friends to help improve not only our lives, but theirs as well.

Euthanasia/Peaceful Passage

When it comes to that last loving decision for your friend, wouldn’t it be better in the comfort of your home? We prefer to call this service “Peaceful Passage” as it is our goal to provide the absolute most loving and peaceful final step for your beloved companion. We also help make arrangements for your companion’s remains based on your wishes.

Emergency Care

While this is Dr. Loose’s specialty, immediate emergency care may not be available given the nature of the mobile practice. If a response is not given upon your phone call or text message, please seek immediate assistance through your local emergency/referral hospital.